Welcome to a special kind of housing provider!

SOZIALBAU AG is the leading housing enterprise in Austria.

We primarily build and manage promoted rental and co-operative dwellings in accordance with the provisions of the Austrian system of limited-profit housing.

Among other things, this means that:

  • We are a limited-profit housing association and invest our profits in the development and realisation of new housing projects, ensuring affordable living space also for less advantaged households despite high standards of quality.
  • The customers of SOZIALBAU AG benefit from numerous special features. For instance, they save costs for brokers’ fees and commissions and receive exclusively long-term tenancy agreements with a guarantee for invested equity capital.
  • SOZIALBAU AG rejects all forms of discrimination as a matter of principle. To become one of our customers, you need neither Austrian nor EU-citizenship. The presentation of a valid residence permit is all that we require.

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1070 Wien
Lindengasse 55

Callcenter: (00431) 52195 – 100
Office hours: Monday to Thursday 08:30 to 11:30 AM and 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Friday 08:00 to 11:30 AM.
e-mail for requests in English: kundenzentrum@sozialbau.at